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May 12th, 2020
Newsletter from Mary Ogden

Hello Fellow Retired Brothers and Sisters,


I hope everyone is staying healthy, wearing masks and following the six-foot social distancing rules as best as possible.  I am sure you’re as ready as I, for COVID-19 to be gone!  Time at home is great, in moderation, however the COVID-19 virus does not seem to fully understand what the word “M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N” means.   As much as we would like to complain about COVID-19, we need to remember that this is a difficult time for all, especially for our first responders. 


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Mary Ogden.   Until recently, I was a Detective Sergeant in the Investigative Services Bureau.  I retired six months prior to completing 29 years of service, in effort to spend time with my family and start a small business.  I was fortunate throughout my career to have worked for an agency that I consider to be the very best.


I am grateful for the opportunity to be your retired PB & PA representative. I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to the PBPA by continuing to keep the retired members informed.


As you know throughout the month of May, we traditionally honor, remember and celebrate American Law Enforcement.  As of the writing of this letter there have been 72 Line of Duty Deaths this year.  There were 146 Line of Duty Deaths last year. 


It is with regret that I report the recent passing of two retired members Bruce Olson and Jim Mays. Please keep their family members in your prayers. 




Chief Dan O’Shea sent the following email to all current sworn personnel earlier today;




As you all are aware this week is National Police Week with this Friday, May 15, being National Peace Officers Memorial Day.  During the month of May we have traditionally honored our fallen, and their families, here locally in Rockford, downstate in Springfield, and at the national events in Washington DC.  While I have been disheartened by the stay at home orders and the disruptions they have caused across the country, I am most saddened that all of the events to honor our brothers and sisters now has fallen victim to Covid-19 as well.  This week is a somber reminder of the perils of this job and the toll it exudes on our co-workers and our families.  Not a day goes by that I do not remember those who have given up their lives in efforts to save others and complete the mission.


We are very fortunate to have a city council that supports us and stands behind us through thick and thin.  Additionally, the city of Rockford is filled with residents who support our officers and join us when we feel the pain of losing one of our own, whether it be locally or outside of Rockford.  We need to continue to build on this support by always striving and training to be the best police agency in the State.  You all do an excellent job in this endeavor so please remain steadfast.


I would be remiss if I did not list and ask, we all remember the seven officers who have lost their lives here in Rockford:

Lorenzo J. Gillogly, October 12, 1917

Frank Cichella, February 25, 1927

Arthur H. Bassett, September 22, 1927

Charles J. Williams, June 1, 1972

Randell A. Blank, December 31, 1980

Kevin D. Rice Sr., August 3, 2001

Jaimie Cox, November 5, 2017


I ask that during this week you all take a few minutes to review the Officer Down Memorial Page and the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund informational pages.


Most important for all of you to remember today and this week is how to keep yourself, your co-workers, and your families safe.  I never want to lose another officer. 






In closing, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, concerns, or new contact information to provide.



Mary Ogden Retired RCPD #446


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