Thank you to those who voted.  For 2017-2019 the Rockford Police Relief Association Board will be:

President:           Andre Brass

Vice President: Ty Eagleson

Secretary:           Jeff Barabasz

Treasurer:           Kevin Nordberg

Board at Large (4):

Joe Stevens

Dennis Oblinger

Michael Schissel

Mary Ogden

Retire Board Members:

Richard Cunningham

Mike Cloyd



Cloyd's Corner

Information from the Retired Officer Association  New 09-03-2016


Interesting Documents from History

1906 Original Corporation Application 

1906 Original Corporation Certificate

1912-1913 Relief Association Dues Report

1892 Rockford City Ordinance Book

1909 Police & Fire Regulations

1927 Police & Fire Regulations

1984 41st Police Relief Association Biennial Ball Book

1986 42nd Police Relief Association Biennial Ball Book

Old police photos